Expanded reopening in April 2022.

Revised requirements for entry

Despite loosening COVID restrictions provincially, original COVID entry protocols will be strictly enforced at the Danube Centre for members who have not been in attendance before March 31, 2022:
There will be at least one person posted at the entrance at all times that the Centre is open. The first time back, every person will be required to: Answer 3 screening questions

  1. have they travelled in the 14 days prior to entry?
  2. have they been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
  3. do they have any COVID symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing?)

If your answer is “No” to all three questions, then you will be invited to:

1) Sign in with name and phone number to facilitate contact tracing.
2) Provide proof of full vaccination (minimum 2 shots + 2 weeks).
3) Choose whether or not to wear a mask inside the Centre.

After the first visit, members will only be asked to have their attendance recorded on the appropriate activity list.

Membership Reminder

Membership cards for 2023 are now available on days that the Centre is open (check the newsletter for updates).

About the BWG Seniors Association

The Danube Seniors Centre offers programs and activities to enhance the lives of older adults in the Bradford West Guillimbury area. We are a welcoming and respectful community, that encourages new and existing members to maintain a positive and supportive attitude to others.

While BWG Seniors Association is the official and newer name of our organization, we are also known as the Danube Seniors Leisure Centre due to the German founders of the Centre. Also, we are not to be confused with the Town’s major sports complex called the Bradford West Gwillimbury Leisure Centre which serves all ages of the public.

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